Use this Sunday school ministry lesson with your 12-14 year olds.  This is a critical age where peer influence can help in a positive way.Sunday School Ministry

Ask the students why we get baptized.

Bible Reading:
Appoint several students to read Matthew 3: 1-17. Have them read until the passage has been read completely. At the end of the passage discuss what happened in this story so that you can be sure that everyone understood what was read.

Ask the students if they talk about God with their friends, why or why not? Ask them why they should tell others the good news about God.

Role Play:
Put the students into pairs. Have them pretend to be in a situation that was previously discussed as an opportunity to talk about God. Have them role play the situation, and then have them switch roles so that each student gets to practice telling the gospel and hearing the gospel.

Refer back to the original discussion about baptism. Discuss the importance of it how it works in the church. Encourage those who are not yet baptized to take that step.