As a Sunday school teacher, we are always looking for ways to get our Sunday school material as economically as possible.  One way is to ask for donations from church members.

Because most of the church members will not have costs associated with the youth education program, they will probably be willing to help you now and again with costs for supplies.  Use some of your programs for your own benefit.  For example, if you put on a play for a holiday, ask for a donation instead of an admission fee.  You could request that everyone bring a craft item, such as a pack of markers or a package of dyed feathers.  Let everyone know ahead of time why you need these donations.  People are always more generous when they understand and believe in the cause to which they are donating.

Having a joint fundraiser and performance is a great way to stay involved in the church community as a whole.  Work with the church leader to develop a program based on a holiday, and work to prepare the students for a performance.  Most of them will love getting to express themselves creatively, and it will be a great teaching tool for you.  If the words are meaningful and contain a good message, they will learn without knowing it, which is the best kind of learning.

It is also a great way to pull in older, wiser church members who might be able to offer some very good advice and leadership for your young people.