“Honor Thy Father and Mother,”[tag] the Fifth Commandment[/tag], is an important commandment to teach in [tag]Sunday school[/tag] these days as children are spending more and more time away from family between extended school hours and working parents. These [tag]Sunday school lessons[/tag] are vital to your students family life and learning to honor and respect others.

Children want to imitate parents as much as ever- – dress up in mom’s clothes and share dad’s morning shave. This commandment gives us an opportunity to show children who God is by showing comparisons between God the Father and parents here on earth.

Children need to understand that God loves them even more than parents do, and He will always be there for them. The word “honor” means to make people feel good, to make them feel important.

In a previous lesson, we learned to say thanks to God on Sunday for all the good things He does for us and keeping the Sabbath special. Today, they’re learning to say thank you to their parents.

Ask your students to think of rules their parents set, like brushing teeth, doing chores, going to school, doing homework before watching TV.

Why do parents set these rules?  Because they care about them and want them to be safe and healthy and get good grades.  Parents set rules because they care.

What better way to honor them than to OBEY the rules they set!