sunday school game slowly melting away

sunday school game slowly melting away

Sunday School Game: “Slowly Melting Away”¦”

In today’s Sunday school game idea, we use a melting snowman to teach students that the good things will come; they just need to remember to have patience.


– Dry-Erase Board (Small or Large)

– One Dry Erase Marker

– Small Bowl of Water

– One Sponge


Students will each get a chance to toss a wet sponge at the snowman that was drawn on the dry-erase board and watch him “˜melt’ away.


Draw a snowman on the dry-erase board. Make the head the smallest circle, the middle a medium sized circle, and the bottom the largest circle. Make sure you fill the board from top to bottom so that the snowman will be large. Chalk in his center so there is lots of chalk on the board.


Our teeth are chattering, we’ve gotten the sniffles, and every time we leave our homes, we’re shivering. These are all symptoms of winter. Everyone is waiting for summer; where the days are long and the fun

never seems to end. But when February or March rolls around, and we’re still waiting for the ground to thaw, we can start to grow impatient. It sometimes seems that winter can last forever. There’s an expression that goes says, “A watched pot never boils.” This means that the more we stare out the window daydreaming of the summertime, the slower it will get here. So we’re going to take our eyes off the window and our minds out of the summer months and put them into a game!


1. Have students line up one behind the other about five feet away from the dry erase board.

2. Wet the sponge and hand it to the first student.

3. Have the student throw the sponge at the snowman.

4. They will hand the sponge to the person behind.

5. Repeat steps four and five until every student has taken a turn.

6. Once everyone has taken a turn, have the students take two steps backward.

7. Repeat steps four through six until the snowman has completely “melted” off of the dry-erase board.


If only winter melted as fast as our snowman did! The Bible says: “By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your souls.” (Luke 21:19) This is saying that we should treat everything with patience and persistence. We can’t always say “Oh it’s only Monday! I can’t wait for the weekend!” or “This snow isn’t melting fast enough”¦if only it was summer!” If we do this, we won’t enjoy the now. In these next few weeks of winter, keep patience in mind and be thankful for what is happening now and you will see time hurriedly “melt” away.


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