Looking for Sunday school crafts that are simple and easy, yet loads of fun for your Sunday School students? Then you’ll love this article. Below, I provide step by step details for 2 of my favorite Bible crafts.

Sunday School Crafts: Votive Reminders & Prayer Wheel

Votive Reminders
This Sunday school crafts idea is designed for ages 9-14.

The major theme here is to show:  We are the light of the world.

For this project you will need a small votive cup holder, colored tissue paper, fun ribbon, scissors and glue. (May also substitute with a baby food jar.)

Pre-cut the tissue for the children.

Have the children place the holder upside down and paint glue all over the glass. Wrap entire holder in tissue paper, folding ends at bottom. Inspect each votive to make sure that the tissue is places only on the outside of the votive.

Glue rick rack or other “fun” ribbon around edge. Let dry.

Prayer Wheel

This Sunday school crafts idea is designed for ages 2-6.

The major themes to focus on here are:

  • Spending time with God
  • Prayer
  • Living the way God wants us to

Before children arrive, create a 3″ x ½” arrow pattern for each child and duplicate onto colored cardstock for each child. (You may wish to cut arrows out for very young children.)

Then create a circle pattern that will fit into the center of your paper plates. Divide the pattern into four or six equal pie sections. Draw one of the following symbols for children to color in each section:

* Happy faces
* Cross
* Rainbow
* House
* Heart
* Hand print

Punch a small hole into the center of each plate and the rectangular end of each arrow.

When children arrive, allow those who are able, to cut out the arrow and circle patterns. Then tell the children to color the symbols in each pie shape. Children can also decorate the rims of their plate, if desired.

Show children how to push a paper fastener through the hole in their arrow, then punch it through the center of the paper circle, and then through the prepunched hole in the plate.

Do not fasten too tightly, or the arrow will not spin.

Tell children to utilize their prayer wheels to focus on ways to spend time with God. Children should spin the arrow, and then think about how to pray to God. For example:
*Cross: thanking God or forgiveness
*Happy faces: praying for the people in our lives
*House: thanking God for all the things he has given us that we enjoy-
*Heart: God’s love or our love for God
*Rainbow: God’s promises to us
*Hand print: Ways that we can help God; the ways God helps us; things we need God’s help with; ways we can help others.


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