Communication is so important for all of us and these Sunday school crafts provide a way to help students keep track of their Sunday school notices, confirmation notes, or communion binders.  It also gives them a way to personalize their binder, to make it special to them, and to remember to bring it with them and to share with their parents.

Sunday School Crafts Idea: Sunday School Binder

Supplies Needed:
White Binder with Front
Markers, Crayons, or Pens
Glitter, Stickers, Etc.
Pattern Provided (for Communion)
Paint and Brushes

Provide each student with a plain white sheet of paper to decorate.

Next, have the children decorate the binder in any way they like. If working on a particular theme or lesson, you can have them create a picture that represents
what they learned.

Once the paper has been decorated and has dried, it can be slid into the binder’s protective layer. Use the binder to send home any important messages, homework, etc.

Explain the binder’s importance to parents so they can help make sure it gets to and from class each week.

If you do not have the funds to provide binders for each child, simply hole punch 3 holes in the front page and secure additional pages to the back with ribbon. (Another alternative is to have children could decorate file folders instead and use these as their binder.)


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