Sunday School CraftTake a look at this Sunday school craft idea for your 9-11 year olds.

This Sunday school craft is a great way to teach them the lessons from the story of Gideon.


Bible Story:
Have the students rotate reading the story of Gideon in Judges 6-8.

Ask the children if they know what signs are. Ask them what kinds of signs God gives us. If needed, add your own examples.

Discuss why Gideon asked God for signs. Ask the students if they have ever been fearful or doubted what God wanted them to do. Emphasize that God gives us signs to help us believe and have faith.

Sunday School Craft:
Make a Gideon Story Jar.

Need:  One large jar for each child
Crayons or Markers

Pre-cut one piece of paper for each jar. Have the children write the story of Gideon in their own words and add illustrations. They can add glitter to represent the torches if they wish. Then glue the paper to the jars.

Have the children draw a horn, a jug and a torch on a piece of paper. Then have them write, “I am in God’s Army.”


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