Here are a few Sunday school ideas for your lesson about Adam and Eve and how God made us in his likeness.  Your 12-14 year olds like to provide their own Sunday school commentary on creation, self image and each other’s unique qualities.

Sunday School Ideas for the Lesson of Adam & Eve – How God Made Us In His LikenessSunday School Commentary

Bible Reading:
Read the story of Adam and Eve from The Bible.

God created Adam in his own image.  That means that each of us, as a descendent of Adam, is in God’s image.  That’s a powerful thought.

Although we all look very similar, it is what’s inside us that makes the biggest differences.  External looks are superficial and increasingly we hear of people who are changing how they look in at attempt to look better.  But what about inside?  We sometimes hear that beauty is skin deep but can we be beautiful, if inside we are filled with anger, hate, and indecision?  Even the most plain looking person is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord if they walk in his footsteps.

Activity 1:
Give each student a piece of paper and something to write with.  Have them write a short essay with the title: God Made Me – Who Am I?  Allow about 15 minutes for this activity.  Invite any of the students to share their essay with the class if they wish.

Activity 2:
Divide the group into two halves.  Tell one side that they are going to argue that how someone looks is the most important part of who they are, and the other side that they are going to argue that is how they act which is the most important.  Allow 10 minutes for the groups to choose a spokesperson and to brainstorm their debate argument before starting the debate.  Once the debate begins, only the 2 spokespeople are on opposing sides, the rest of the class become one again until they vote on whoever gives the most convincing argument.


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