Here are ideas for your Sunday school lesson on the story of Jesus healing ten lepers for your 12-14 year olds.  The activity that is included can be used for your Sunday school bulletin boards to show thanks for some of the things God has provided for them.

Sunday School Lesson & Ideas for Teachers:  Jesus Heals Ten LepersSunday School Bulletin Boards

Bible Reading:
Have the students read the story from Luke 17: 11-19 where Jesus heals ten lepers.

Sunday School Lesson Discussion:
Discuss the excuses that the other lepers might have had for not going back and thanking Jesus for healing them. Then talk about what excuses we come up with for not thanking God for our blessings.

Sunday School Lesson Activity:
Give each student a piece of paper with the following list of scrambled words and have them unscramble them: (they can use the Bible reading as a reference to help them if needed). You can create one of these “Bible printables” on your computer, or just write them out by hand and photocopy them.


Make a collage for the church.

Need:  Large pieces of poster board

Have the students get into pairs and draw something that the church provides for the students on a piece of poster board. Then tape all of the pictures together to form a larger picture. Hang this collage somewhere for the congregation to see.


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