slow race summer bible game

A relay is great to help celebrate the start of summer!  This summer Bible game will help kids blow off steam, while also providing a great look at how God will always follow through with his promises – such as summer after a long, cold, and demanding winter!


– Two sleeping bags


Kids will race to see whose team can successfully get all members across the finish line and back.


It’s summer vacation! The school year was long and hard, but it’s finally time for a break! It’s always exciting to go back to school, to see our friends, and learn some more. But once we are in the middle of winter, we get bored of the same routine every day and we just want to go outside and play. Thankfully, that time is finally here! We worked hard and now we deserve a rest. Let’s work a little more but have some fun while doing so with a Bible game!


1. If possible, divide the group into two even teams.

2. Have the teams form two straight lines about four feet apart; kids will line up one behind the other.

3. Give each team a sleeping bag.

4. When you say “Go!” the first child in each line will go, legs first, into the sleeping bag and will lie on the ground on their bellies.

5. They will begin to inch across the floor like worms.

6. The finish line should be about 10 feet away.

7. Once they cross the finish line, they will get out of the sleeping bag, run back to their team, and hand the sleeping bag off to the next child.

8. The first team to have all kids inch across the finish line and run back to their line wins.


God has done amazing things since time began. He gave a baby to Sarah when she was almost 100 years old! He parted the Red Sea, had a giant fish swallow Jonah, and he raised his Son Jesus from the dead so we could all be with him someday. He’s been a little like us as inchworms in the relay, as he can go slowly, especially when we want something fast. We were all probably yearning for summer in February. Now, it’s finally here! Let’s enjoy the summer and remember, after a long, cold winter, that God always delivers on his promises – even when they seem to inch along slowly into our lives.



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