star light shining bright christmas craft

star light shining bright christmas game

Here is a fantastic Christmas game that will help children learn the story of the Three Wise Men and the journey they took to find Baby Jesus.  When we think of Christmas, we mostly think of Jesus being born. We think about Joseph taking Mary in search of shelter, eventually finding a manger. Among some of the people who visited the baby Jesus were the Three Wise Men. Those men brought Jesus gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh. Today, we will put ourselves in the Wise Men’s shoes by playing a Christmas game that’s all about their story!  Children will search around the house (or classroom) for their designated object, and once they find it, they will have to race to the star. The first child (or team) to make it to the star wins!  Check out our guest post over at Heart Of The Matter!

“Star Light Shining Bright” Christmas Game


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