gift of kind comments christmas game

gift of kind comments christmas game

This Christmas themed game will “tickle” kids as they write on each other’s backs (on paper!) and then guess who said what about then. It will get them in the mindset of seeing the best in their classmates, saying the best about them, and giving the gift of positive encouragement to all.

“Gift of Kind Comments ” St. Nicholas Day & Christmas Game


– Printer paper, 1 sheet for each child

– Masking tape

– Crayons or water based markers

– Blindfold






1. Tape a piece of paper to one child’s back

2. Blindfold that child and face him or her to the wall

3. Have other students take turns at random, coming up and writing nice things about the person with him or her knowing who is doing the writing at the moment. (Note: If you have more than five students, have two blindfolded students at a time)

4. When everyone is done writing nice comments on the paper, take if off and put it aside (somewhere discreetly on the page, write that student’s name, such as on the back).

5. Repeat until all the children have been blindfolded and have nice comments written about them.

6. Have everyone sit at the table and put the papers in the center.

7. Have students take turns figuring out which one is theirs, then reading the nice comments and figuring out who wrote each one.



One time, the Apostle Peter was walking through Jerusalem, and a beggar who couldn’t walk asked him for money. According to Acts 3:6, Peter said, “Silver or gold, have I none. But what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” And the beggar got up and walked.

I could have given every one of you in here a dollar today, and you might have forgotten about it tomorrow. But the kindnesses that you have shown each other will be remembered for a long time. Sometimes it’s better to be able to say, “Silver and gold have I none. But…” We can’t make the lame walk right now, but we can always give priceless gifts of the love in our hearts.


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