This Bible game will teach students about Johnny Appleseed. They will begin to understand the idea of legends and through their game, they will learn about how stories spread.


• Sunflower Seeds
• Tape Measure


Spit your sunflower seed as far as you can.


This game is best played outside.


The legend of Johnny Appleseed serves as a reminder of how the sowing of seeds is important to our faith and brings fruits of joy to all. Johnny  Appleseed traveled across America, telling stories about our faith, and planting seeds as symbols of our spiritual growth. Let’s sow a few seeds ourselves and see how much joy —or in this case laughter — we can bring forth.


1. Give each student a handful of sunflower seeds.

2. For the purpose of the game, have students pretend they are apple seeds and not sunflower seeds.

3. Have students stand side-by-side in groups of three.

4. Choose one group to go first and when you say “Go!” have him stick a seed in his mouth and then spit it as far as he can.

5. The student with the farthest sown seed wins.

6. Keep rotating groups until all students have gone.

7. Make a finals round if desired.


That was a fun and silly way of sowing seeds! But let’s say each one took root and grew a whole apple tree. Wouldn’t our church property be a dense forest someday soon?

Johnny Appleseed was best known for his trees, but he should have been best known for the Gospel stories he told. Each one was “seeds planted” in the spirits of people across America.

When we share the Gospel, it may seem insignificant based on people’s responses. It may even seem like a silly thing to have done if people make fun or walk away. Think of each time you mention Jesus to a friend as sowing a seed. You don’t have to see the end results. But the friend you tried to help could take hold of that little seed you sowed and produce great bushels of faith!