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This easy Easter craft, using the bottoms of soda bottles, and the object lesson that goes with it, will allow your kids to take home a marvelous memory of having walked with the Holy Spirit in your Easter class!

Soda-Bottle Baskets Easter Craft & Object Lesson


– Used 1 or 2-liter soda or water bottles, clear, one for each child
– Easter grass or shredded paper
– Scrapbooking or construction paper
– Contrasting color paper or ribbon for edging
– Various Easter colors of construction paper
– Scissors
– Hole puncher
– Stapler
– Scotch tape
– Hot glue gun (optional)
– Pipe cleaners, Easter colors
– Elmer’s or craft glue
– Pen
– Scissors


1. Cut the bottles four or five inches from the bottom.

2. Punch a hole in either side, to use for the handle.

3. Cut the scrapbooking/construction paper into quarter-inch strips.

4. Draw egg shapes on the construction paper for kids to cut out.


1. Take a quarter-inch strip of scrapbooking/construction paper and surround the top of the bottle. Staple on either side if you are not using a hot glue gun. Cut off any leftover strip.

2. Run a string of craft glue around the center of the paper strip. Lay on the contrasting color or ribbon.

3. Cut out six Easter eggs out of coloring paper, varying colors.

4. If you are using a hot glue gun, glue them to the sides of the bottle. If you
are not, put the eggs in place with pieces of Scotch tape running across two
or three.

5. Fill the basket with grass.

6. Fit the pipe cleaner into the holes and pull through two inches. Wrap the
ends around the handle and shape the handle again.

7. Place eggs and treasures on top.

8. Fashion a piece of ribbon into a bow and place it at the edge of the handle.

9. Write on the colored eggs HE IS RISEN! and/or JESUS IS LORD!


Easter Object Lesson: Christ Arose; the Holy Spirit Came Down

Some kids know that Easter is our most important holiday. They may also know  that it is because Jesus arose on Easter. However, they may not be clear on why  the Resurrection was so important, and what Jesus has been able to do for us  since! This lesson, using a blindfold and a “treasure” basket filled with eggs, will  help demonstrate how Easter meant that mankind could have the Holy Spirit, and  how the Holy Spirit serves us daily.


– Blindfold
– Colored eggs, one for each student
– Soda-bottle basket you created in the above craft
– Small assortment of candy, or better, boxes of raisins, peanut packs, dried cranberries


Make up your treasure using the eggs and assortment of edibles. It should be pretty and desirable. You can make it look like an Easter basket, but we are recommending materials other than candy because your students may already be hyped on sugar. Keep it hidden until after your volunteer is blindfolded.


How many of you knew that Easter is the most important holiday of all – more important the Christmas? Take a show of hands. Why is that? It’s the day Jesus arose from the dead.

This is true. But most people don’t understand why a Resurrection would be important. When Jesus was on earth, what did he do? Healed many people and brought them the good news that God loved them.

Because Easter is about the Resurrection, we’re going to look at what Jesus can do from heaven.

In John 14:16-17, Jesus said to his disciples, in one of his last conversations on earth, “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever – the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.

In verse 26, Jesus says, “”¦The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

Later, when Jesus was praying his final prayer before his arrest, he said this in John 17:20-21 “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that ALL of them may be one. That includes me and all of you too!

After his crucifixion, Jesus was resurrected. His disciples thought that was joyful and amazing! But that was just the beginning. He then ascended into heaven and sent the Holy Spirit! This morning, I want to show you what that is like.

Blindfold one volunteer from the students. Spin him a couple of times and let him stand there, moving about to keep his balance.

Being in this world is a little like being blindfolded. We can’t see Jesus. We can’t hear his voice aloud.

Have your assistant or another “convincing student” take the treasure down to the far end of the room. Make sure there is some debris in the middle, such as a chair and a couple things they can trip over.

Have the assistant call out. “[Student name!] Come over here! I have a heavenly treasure for you!”

To the student, say, Go very, very slowly and cautiously! There are some things in the way that could hurt you!

Let the student inch his way toward the teacher. This is how most people have  to “advance through life.” They can’t see or hear God’s instructions. The things we could trip over on the floor, they are a little like the trials or the temptations of life. Most everyone is trying to do their version of what they think is good and get to a good place. But they could “fall” into temptation. They could “stumble” over somebody else’s sin, meaning they could get caught up in the same type of sin and “fall” out of God’s grace.

 Here’s what happens when we have the Holy Spirit.

Have the assistant say, Stay right there, [student]! I am coming to help you! Have her put down the treasure on a chair or the floor, come up behind the blindfolded student and take him securely by the shoulders. Have her walk with him, holding his shoulders, reporting when there is “debris” in the way and directing the student to the right or to the left.

When he reaches the “treasure,” have the student take off the blindfold.

Congratulations, [student name]! You made it to heaven without “falling away!”

To everyone:   When the disciples first heard that Jesus would be leaving them, they were confused. When he died, they were even more confused and very sad. When he came back to life, they rejoiced. When he went off to heaven, they discovered that he was still with them, through the Holy Spirit!

And the Holy Spirit is with us today! He leads us and guides us! Have you ever had friends who wanted to do something really bad? And they wanted you to do it too? How did you feel on the inside? What happened?

Encourage them to discuss a couple of personal experiences of how the Holy Spirit can rattle your conscience, show you a way out, and protect you.

Since Jesus arose on Easter morning and spent time arisen with his disciples, this is what the Holy Spirit has been doing for Christians! This is a great perk! It means Jesus is by your side”¦in a different form”¦but very much like when he was with the disciples, living on earth. It means that you always have protection and guidance and God’s love with you, all day long.

You only have to listen, and pay attention, and believe to have the Holy Spirit. And when you get up to heaven, you will find that your treasure is great.

If you’re using the accompanying game, “Using the Holy Spirit in Life”: Let’s use our treasures again, only this time we’ll all get a chance to find them!



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