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sermons for kidsLooking for sermons for kids? You’ve come to the right place!

Below, I’ve provided one my favorite children’s sermons covering Moses and the Burning Bush. To make this as simple to use as possible, I’ve given you the exact “teacher words” to say (written in italics), and some hints to help prompt your students and move the sermon along.

This sermon is a great way to teach kids that God uses normal people to do extraordinary things!

Sermon Materials

  • Bedsheet
  • Spray water bottle filled with water

Sermon Script

How many of you think it would be cool if God spoke to you, just like he spoke to Moses at the burning bush?

Most should say yes.

Do any of you ever think it would be very cool to do something BIG for God someday? We don’t have any slaves in Egypt to lead away these days. But how about if God told you that you could feed a whole starving country or develop a cure for a terrible disease when you grew up? How would you feel about that?

You should have at least one enthusiastic respondee to that question. Pick the most enthusiastic child and put him in a special chair a few feet away from the others. (Make sure it’s a child who won’t mind having a sheet draped over him or her for a few minutes). Drape the sheet over the child. Get out your water spray bottle.

Well. If you’re going to do something very special for God, you’d better become a very special person. I think we’d better sprinkle you with holy water and ask God to make some changes here.

Shouldn’t we ask God to make [child’s name] pretty perfect in her behavior?

The children should answer yes.

Spray water on the sheet, then pass the bottle to a child.

God, please make [child’s name] pretty perfect, so that she is qualified to do great things for you. Help her to never get angry again.

Have several children pray for [child’s name] and squirt her with magic water to be perfect.

God, feeding a starving country or discovering a cure for an illness will take a lot of money. Please make [child’s name] wealthy.

Have several more children pray for [child’s name] and squirt her with magic water to be wealthy.

God, in most pictures I see in art galleries, Bible characters look beautiful and flawless. If people are going to listen to [child’s name] and be influenced by her, she will need to be very nice to look at. Please make her even more beautiful than she is.

Have several more children pray for [child’s name] and squirt her with magic water to be beautiful.

Wow, we’ve asked God for a lot. I bet when we take this sheet off that [child’s name] will be more beautiful, more perfect, and even better dressed in rich clothes. What do you think?

Some younger children might buy this, but older ones especially will be quite cynical.

Why? Why don’t you think God would answer our prayers? I mean, we’re only asking for the perfect person so [child’s name] can do great things for him.

Some might say that it takes a long time, but stick to your guns with this argument. Finally remove the sheet. Seem surprised that [child’s name] looks exactly the same.

God can change anyone in an instant. Maybe this isn’t about what God can’t do. Maybe this is about what God doesn’t want to do or doesn’t need to do. Let’s look at Moses when God spoke to him at the burning bush. Was Moses perfectly behaved?

Help them remember that “No; he had just killed a guy.”

Did he have lots of money?

Prompt them: “No. He left everything behind when he fled Egypt after killing the guy.”

Was he very handsome and did he make all the girls swoon?

No, he was probably sweaty and dirty as are most people who live in the dessert.

Yet God chose him to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt! If any of us want to do great things for God, we should try hard not to mess up. But the most important things are to be willing, and to just be who we are”¦like Moses was!

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