rock paper scissors cheer thanksgiving game

rock paper scissors cheer thanksgiving game

This Thanksgiving game will encourage students to be thankful for all that they have been given.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheer Thanksgiving Game


Students will have to cheer each other on as they compete in one-on-one games of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


If students are unfamiliar with the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, go over it using the instructions and diagram below if needed.


Happy Thanksgiving! Now is the time of year were we get together with our families and friends and we celebrate all that we are thankful for.

There are lots of things that we are thankful for. But some of the most important things can get overlooked. We’ll revisit this later, after we play a game!


– Have all students get in pairs.

– When you say, “Go!” students will play Rock, Paper, Scissors with their partner (see Rock, Paper Scissors explanation below).

– The partner that loses will then start a cheering section for the partner that wins.

– The winning student will then pair up with another winning student and play another round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

– The previous partner will follow the victor around and cheer for them.

– Each time a player loses they will then join the cheering section for their opponent.

– This will continue until two players have half the class as their cheering section.

– The game is over when the final round has been played.


Rock, Paper Scissors Explanation:

rock paper scissors thanksgiving gameThis explanation from Wikipedia’s Rock-Paper-Scissors entry should make the game clear to those who are unfamiliar with it:

Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game usually played by two people, where players simultaneously form one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The “rock” beats scissors, the “scissors” beat paper and the “paper” beats rock; if both players throw the same shape, the game is tied.


1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Sometimes it is very hard to cheer for another person – one who just beat us is especially hard! But if we practice saying, “Thank God my friend is doing so well,” we will be bigger and better people, and more like God wants us to be. While we’re being thankful this holiday, let’s practice some hard things like this. Let’s practice being happy for the other guy, even if we’ve just taken a loss. How many of you think you can do that?



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