pot holder craft

pot holder craft

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If you have the traditional pot holder weavers at your disposal and a big bag of the craft store loops, this might be a great craft to try due to the message!  As the famous song states, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight.” The loops represent different types of people who weave themselves together to be Americans. Together, they can fight off any heat!  Just like the potholder we are creating in this pot holder craft, we are stronger when we are weaved together. We are a pretty civilization because there are so many colors of people and so many diverse ways of doing things. Woven together, we are a strong people. We are a nation that can take a lot of heat – just like a potholder!  Check out our guest post over at Heart Of The Matter!

“Red and Yellow, Black and White” Pot Holder Craft



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