qtip snowflakes winter bible craft

qtip snowflakes winter bible craft

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You’ve heard the expression, “No two snowflakes are alike.” Oftentimes God leaves us clues in nature that teach us about His love. Snowflakes are a little like people. No two people are alike, and yet, God loves them all.  Isn’t God’s creativity amazing, in that he makes every snowflake different? Isn’t God’s love amazing, in that he creates millions of people, all different, and he knows and loves each and every one of us?  We all have Q-tips on hand. Did you know that they can be cut and arranged to make beautiful snowflakes and they provide a great lesson about how God makes everyone different?  Check out our guest post over at The Activity Mom to read more about this wonderful Winter Bible Craft with a powerful message!

Q-Tip Snowflakes Winter Bible Craft & How God Makes Everyone Different



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