In Luke 17:4, Jesus says, “If someone sins against you seven times in the day, and seven times returns, saying, “˜I’m sorry,’ you shall forgive him.” Wow! How hard is that?? One of the reasons Jesus says to forgive has to do with the harm in staying mad. It hurts YOU more than the person you are mad at.

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A wise man once said, “Being mad is a waste of time. The person you’re mad at probably doesn’t know”¦or he doesn’t care!”

Look at it this way–

Pull two children to the front of the group. Substitute their names below instead of Jonny and Chelsea.

Let’s say that Jonny said something really mean to Chelsea. Then, Jonny is sorry. He says so. But Chelsea can’t forget it.

Make Chelsea lie down on the floor.

She refuses to forgive. She has “lowered herself” in a sense. And each time she remembers what Jonny said, it’s like Jonny weighs on her. She’s weighted down by her own lack of forgiveness.

Make Jonny sit on top of Chelsea and stare into his face.

Chelsea can’t do very much while she’s got “the weight of unforgiveness on her heart” when the sin that Jonny did is forever in her mind. She needs to forgive Jonny so she can get on with life’s Great Race! Let’s us try having a forgiveness race!


Materials Needed: Two student chairs, masking tape (optional)

Object: For one team of two students to win the race

For the relay, have kids split up into pairs. On one side of the room, have one kid in each pair lie on the floor facing upwards. Have the other kid sit on his chest.

When you say, “Go!” pairs should cross the room, wiggling and pushing clumsily with their feet. They must stay together. When they get to the opposite wall, the
one on all fours should say, “I forgive you!”

With that, the other jumps off. They get down on all fours and come back to the starting line side by side.

The first team to cross the finish line wins.

Note: If you have an odd number of kids, put the two smallest children with the biggest child, and have them both sit on his chest.

And that’s another reason why Jesus says to forgive! You sure can make “better time” in life if you’re moving side by side with friends, rather than having one hold the other down with lack of forgiveness!


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Looking for more great Bible Game Ideas?  Click here to get our complete Bible Games collection!