we the people presidents day game

“We the People” Presidents Day Game

This game is great for Presidents Day because it will help students learn to respect authority and to understand that God put leaders in their positions, which merits our respect.


Children will compete against each other as they ask for permission to move toward the finish line.


Presidents Day is the day that we celebrate our country’s leaders. Our presidents have been elected because the majority of our country believes that he or she was the most qualified to run the United States. And even though we might not agree with everything they do, we must respect their decisions. Let’s revisit this later, after we play a Presidents Day game!


1. Appoint one child as the President.

2. Depending on if that child is a boy or a girl, instruct the group to address them as Mr. President or Madam President respectively.

3. Have that child stand in the front of the group.

4. The rest of the group will stand in a straight line side by side.

5. One child at a time will then ask the President a question like: “Mr. President, may I take one giant step forward?” or “Madam President, may I have two steps forward?”

6. The President can either tell the child yes or no.

7. The children must obey whatever the President says.

8. Children can have two chances to revolt, if they feel collectively the President is “setting it up” so that a particular person wins. But to exercise that privilege they must have a majority vote from the children and speak to the President with respect. They must elect one player to say (they can repeat it as you say it in parts), “Mr. President, we the people feel you are not acting in the best interests of the people.” At that point, the person winning must go back to the start.

9. The first person to make it to the other side of the room wins.


Romans 13:2 says, “Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.” Respecting an authority’s decisions doesn’t mean being a doormat when things go wrong. It does mean always thinking of that person as someone God put in charge and who deserves our respect, even if situations arise that look unjust or plain wrong.

Let’s remember, on President’s Day, to be respectful of all authorities God puts in our lives, as if they were President Washington or Lincoln themselves!


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