feet blooms bible game

Here’s a messy/sloppy Bible game to bring in the barefoot days of summer. Children will giggle as they paint a summer scene with their feet. And they will learn a little about how crazy growth in summer is part of God’s plan—both for nature and his children.


  • One Paintbrush per child
  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Cups


Students will have to test their art skills as they paint a summer scene with their feet.


Summer is finally here! It was a long winter. Besides the hot sun, what else is happening during this season? All of our plants and animals have started to bloom and grow. If you look around, you’ll notice how many flowers are outside, how green the trees have gotten, and how many baby animals are starting to get bigger. Summer is the time when everything blooms and blossoms. Let’s do some unique blooming of our own with a Bible game!


  1. Give each child a paintbrush, a cup of paint (not much is needed), and a piece of paper.
  2. Have them sit in a chair and place the cup, brush, and piece of paper on the floor in front of them.
  3. They will remove one shoe and sock.
  4. When you say “Go!” they will pick up the paintbrush with their toes and dip it in the paint.
  5. They will then try to paint a field of flowers (two or three) as fast and as neatly as they can.
  6. The child with the best flowers wins.


Luke 21:30 says, “When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near.” Summer has arrived, and it is when the growing process goes wild! Summer can be a time for learning lessons and wild spiritual growth as well.

Our spiritual growth can seem a little like these pictures. They might not look great or make a whole lot of sense. But God sees the final picture — the picture of our whole lives. Even when growth is wild and doesn’t make sense to us, it still makes sense to him! Let’s put our trust in God this summer and believe that all experiences that come our way are chances to grow in Christ.