mother's day love cookies

mother's day love cookies

This Mother’s Day snack comes with a lesson on the word “honor,” from “honor thy mother,” and all the meanings behind it.  Teacher’s words are in bold!

Mother’s Day “Love Cookies”

– 1 large sugar cookie for each child
– White icing
– 1 small tube of brown icing with a fine point
– 1 small tube of red icing with a fine point
– 1 small paper plate or napkin for each child
– 1 sandwich bag for each child

The teacher should prepare a sample for the children to see before they start this project.

1. Give each child two sugar cookie
2. Ice each cookie with white Icing.
3. With the brown icing write an “I” at the top of the cookie.
4. With the red icing make a heart in the center of the cookie.
5. With the brown icing write “MOM” at the bottom of the cookie.
6. Eat one and put one aside in a baggie for Mom.

Ask the children if they know what the Bible has to say about their fathers and mothers. Listen to all their answers, then explain.

The Bible tells us to honor our mother and father. It’s one of the ten commandments, number five to be exact. But what does it mean to honor our mother?

Listen to all their comments, then explain.

The word honor is a little hard to explain. The dictionary says that honor means “to pay tribute to someone.” That made me think how we pay tribute to heroes who have done something very brave. We give a parade for them, or presenting them with a medal.

On Mother’s Day we pay tribute to our mothers as way of honoring them for all they have done for us. We may not give a parade for our mothers, but I’ll bet most of us presented our mothers with a card instead of a medal. And I’ll bet we did something special for her too. Did anybody give their mother breakfast in bed?

Listen to their comments then explain:

When the Bible tells us to honor our mothers, it means a lot of things. Some of the other words the dictionary gave under the word honor included “respect” and “admiration.”

Can anyone tell me what “respect” actually means?

Listen to their answers.

Respect means you always treat moms like they’re important, almost like queens or female presidents. After all, moms are the president of your household! ,

Can anyone tell me what “admiration” is?

Listen to their answers.

Admiration means we feel proud of our mothers for all their good accomplishments. We see all the good things they do, and we want to be like them ourselves someday. 

When the Bible tells us to honor our mothers, it means especially that we should tell Mom how we feel about her. Don’t forget, when you give her the cookie you made, to tell her how much you admire, respect and love her. That’s one way to honor your mom!


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