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This hilarious Mother’s Day game–of taping a human body with as many slips of paper as possible–will help students learn to appreciate and thank their mothers not just on Mother’s Day but every other day as well. They will learn what a makes the “perfect” mom and how they can truly thank her.


– Tape
– Paper
– Markers


Children will create the perfect mom as fast as they can!


Mother’s Day is the day that we celebrate our moms, grandmothers, aunts, and any other woman who holds a motherly title in our lives. Think about all they’ve done for you over the past year. It’s all countless. You can’t name everything they’ve done, but what you can do is thank them.

Tell them that you appreciate them. We’ll talk more about this later, after we play our game!


1. If possible, divide the class into two even teams.

2. Choose one child from each team to be the mom and have them stand on the opposite side of the room.

3. When you say “Go!” the rest of the students will use the markers and paper to write up as many qualities as they can think of that make up the perfect mom (ex: great cook, excellent listener, lets you stay up late, etc.)

4. Once they have a quality, they will run to their team’s “Perfect Mom” and tape the quality to her.

5. One quality per piece of paper.

6. The students have three minutes to think up qualities and tape them to “Mom.”

7. After the minute, go through each quality and take away the trivial ones (ex: lets you stay up late, lets you watch whatever you want on TV, etc.) and leave the true qualities (excellent listener, caring, etc.).

8. The team with the most qualities left on their “Perfect Mom” wins.


Exodus 20:12 is the Fifth Commandment, which is, “Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God will give you.” God wants us to appreciate our moms and dads all of the time because of all the stuff they give us.

As we learned in our Mother’s Day game, being a mom isn’t just letting you stay up late or giving you all the junk food you want. It’s about taking care of you, and making sure that you grow up to be wise and balanced. Thanking your mom should be more than having a warm feeling in your heart towards her. It should be shown by helping out – by making her day better instead of worse.

Show and tell your mom how much you love her! Not just today, but every other day of the year!



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