mothers day game are you

mother's day game are you

This fun Mother’s Day game involving animal noises and animal behavior will teach students the importance of a mother and child relationship.

“Are You My Mother?” Mother’s Day Game


– Post-it notes
– Marker
– Hat


Students will have to find their mother by acting like their designated animal.


Today we celebrate Mother’s Day. Celebrating mom can be hard at times. Maybe you can’t afford a gift she likes or you don’t know how to make her favorite food. But giving your mom a special day doesn’t have to include big and exciting gifts. While we’re playing our game, think about what great gifts you can give your mom that aren’t so fancy. We’ll talk about them after!


– Write the name of an animal on a post-it note for every other student.


1. Split the class in in half and have them stand on opposite sides of the room.
2. Go to one group and have each child pick an animal out of the hat; they will be the moms.
3. They are not allowed to say their animal to anyone.
4. Once everyone has picked, have them put their post-its back in the hat.
5. Go to the other group and have them do the same thing; they will be the babies.
6. Once everyone has picked their animal and put it back in the bag, ask them to rejoin at the center of the room.
7. When you say “Act!” students will begin to act like their assigned animal.
8. They will have to crawl or hop or walk around the room making sounds their animal will make while trying to find their “mom” or “baby”.
9. Once a pair has found each other, they will go sit to the side of the room.
10. After all pairs have been found, the game is over.


Even before we were born, there was a special bond between our moms and us. Our moms will always love us and support us and they will always be happy just to spend time with us. So this Mother’s Day, instead of fancy presents, give your mom the gift of you. You could do some thoughtful chore, or sit and have tea, or just sit and talk. Don’t forget to say “I love you,” and thank her for something she does. After all, your mom wouldn’t be a mom without you.


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