How to Discuss Sex, Drugs,
Body Image, Bullying &
More With Your Kids!

Discover How to Talk to Your Kids About Today’s
Most Difficult Issues So That They Have All the Information
& Advice They Need to Make Good Decisions
in the Future!

Perfect for Parents of Children Age 12 & Younger …
Shows Parents How to Approach “Tough Talks”
from a Christian Perspective!

Nobody said being a parent was going to be easy and probably one of the most difficult things for all parents is having those “tough conversations” with their kids.

You know the conversations I’m talking about – the ones about sex, drugs, body image, bullying and more.

Today, we live in a complex world that is filled with issues that are not only difficult for kids to go through but also difficult for parents to discuss and provide good advice on.

Many parents begin to dread having these conversations with their kids … many others desperately want to have these conversations with their kids but don’t know what to say.

But here’s the thing – if we don’t talk to kids early and often about these issues they will eventually get answers from someone else.

This means we will be missing a HUGE opportunity to give our children accurate information and to pass along our personal values and moral principles.

To help ensure parents don’t miss these opportunities to have important discussions with their kids, I have created “The Tough Talks: 7 Critical Conversations to Have With Your Kids Before They Turn 12.”

Finally, A Road Map For Christian Parents!

Hello, my name is Mary-Kate Warner and as a parent myself (and a Sunday School director), I know how hard it can be to talk to kids about certain things.

I know how awkward those conversations can go. Often the words just won’t come easily, such as when we try to discuss sexual behavior.

If we are not careful, we can come off like lecturers, which can be a turn-off to our kids, who may be seeking a more open and honest conversation style.

And if our tone sounds the slightest big accusatory, kids can take exception, thinking we are accusing them of a behavior they would not dream of (of course, many times a bad behavior is nothing a teen would dream of doing a week before it happens or even a day before).

I Also Know How It Feels to Not Be Sure We Are
Getting Our Point Across to Our Kids …

Most of what we have to tell our kids about good behavior concerns times and places when we are not with them, such as school, parties, get-togethers at other people’s homes, or get-togethers in our house where the presence of kids makes us feel banned from the room.

We are not soothsayers, and our kids don’t come equipped with nanny-cams on their heads. We have to rely on what they tell us, which, after a certain age, can be precious little.

We can feel basically clueless as to whether our help and advice made an impact.

So to help alleviate awkwardness and ensure understanding, here’s what I’ve done, I’ve created a guide that is filled with proven effective principles that Christian parents regularly use to foster good behavior in their kids.

Now I realize that we all have different parenting styles and that some of these tips will work for you and others may just not seem right. But the beauty of this guide is that you will be able to pick and choose only the methods you feel comfortable with to get the results you want.

This way you can feel confident that you are reaching your child and giving them much needed information and advice.

“The Tough Talks” Covers 7 Difficult-to-Discuss Topics:

Each Reflection contains a powerful message to draw kids closer to Jesus and is drawn from situations that happen in real life, such as:

Sexual Behavior (abstinence)
Sexual Behavior (consequences of actions)
Drugs (& alcohol)
Body Image
Cheating in school

Under each topic:

Discussion Points

I’ll give you discussion points you can use to ensure you not only get your child interested and engaged but also that they understand the points you are trying to make


I’ll provide you with lots of statistics that are current and relevant, which you can pass on to your child to reinforce what you are saying

Suggested Rules

And finally, I’ll give you some good ideas for rules of the household. How well these are followed can help you gauge your children’s behavior in ways that will not necessarily put you in a position of distrust – positions where your kids feel they’d do better to simply not tell you anything

But Why Do You Need to Have These Conversations
With Your Kids When They Are So Young?

Now I know many of you are saying, “Isn’t before age 12 too soon for some of these conversations?”

In a word, “no.”

The truth is, talking to teenagers can be nearly impossible if there was no talking done earlier.

The reason is that in their teen years kids enter into the psychological passage called “differentiation,” or “individuation.” This basically means that they have begun to realize they are separate individuals, not necessarily a reflection of their family unit.

Parents can quickly identify when their children begin this passage. Often it is right around the age of 12. Kids may become distant and are not quite the little buddies parents were so used to having around the house.

This is why some psychotherapists say, “When your child reaches the age of 12, your teaching job is essentially done. Henceforth you are a ride and a meal.”

In other words, it’s better to reach kids before this period begins than to try to reach them during it.

“The Tough Talks” is filled with tools and information to help you reach your child ...

Take a Look at Just Some of What
is Included in “The Tough Talks”

Proven-effective principles that are guaranteed to create better communication between parents and kids – just follow these principles and you’ll be amazed at how your child responds to your “talks”!
5 keys to raising kids who make good choices in each of the seven areas covered in this guide!
The one thing you MUST DO if you want your child to truly listen to you when you are trying to talk to him or her!
How to start a tough conversation with your child – follow these tips and you’ll soon find your child talking and listening intently like never before!
How to have the sex talk with your kids before the crowds at school, before hormones kick in and before “individuation” starts … so that they really hear what you are saying!
How to face down the major challenges of abstinence in today’s fast-paced, everything-happens-at-a-younger-age society!
3 Biblical principles that will help kids embrace abstinence and not endanger their hearts or the hearts of others!
7 ways to explain the REAL value of abstinence to kids!
How to get your kids to understand the psychological, physical and spiritual consequences of premarital sex!
What God really expects from you as a parent when it comes to teaching your kids about sex!
How to “hotwire” your kids to always see the negatives of drugs even when their friends are saying how great they are!
How much pressure to try drugs children really go through and what you can do to dramatically ease that pressure for your kids!
6 simple rules that will help keep your child from drinking alcohol or taking drugs … plus, 9 tips you can give your child to help them withstand peer pressure and choose not to take drugs or drink even when it seems like everyone else is!
What to do if you catch your child “under the influence” of drugs or alcohol to ensure that it doesn’t happen again!
Both boys and girls are affected by body image problems, discover what you need to say and do to ensure your child grows up “comfortable in their own skin”!
How to make sure your child understands the consequences of shoplifting before he or she is tempted to try it!
How to explain the real consequences of bullying and ensure your child doesn’t bully anyone else … also how to teach your child to respond to bullies to protect themselves and others!
With technological advances it’s easier to cheat in school than ever before, here I’ll show you how to drive home the consequences of cheating to your child so that he or she is never tempted to cheat in the future!
And much, much more!

Remember, my goal in creating “The Tough Talks” was to provide parents like you with all the material you need to not just have these difficult conversations with your kids but to feel comfortable while you are doing it.

This guide is a stress reliever and will provide you with everything you need to talk to your kids about complex issues in a way that suits you and your family, and in a way that would be approved by God.

So what are you waiting for?

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Start Preparing Your Kids Now for the Challenges
They Will Soon Face!

For a lot of us, high school can be the most challenging passage in life for maintaining Christian behavior.

During this time, kids are more likely to take risks, and that will often include “spiritual risks” … like suddenly ignoring their spiritual upbringing.

Parents can become frustrated and concerned by the changes they see in their kids.

But one way to avoid the difficulties of this period is to start talking to your kids about their upcoming spiritual journey in late-middle school.

After all, you wouldn’t wait until a storm hits to put a roof on your house.

By talking to them in advance about some of the difficult issues they are going to face, you can prepare them ahead of time. Plus, talking to young children about sex, drugs, lying, stealing, cheating, etc., is easier when they are younger because they are still listening.

Order “The Tough Talks” now and start preparing your kids to face some really tough temptations and make some really tough decisions in the future.

Tough Talks

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It’s Time to Win the Conversation Game!

Winning the conversation game for parents means being the first to present important information. Then, when kids hear the playground version of sex, drugs, etc., they’ll think, “Oh yeah…my dad or mom told me about this … he or she even told me kids would say it this way…”

You’ll keep your position of respect with your kids by being the first to get to them.

Some parents may ask, “Well, what if my ten-year-old is not ready to hear about such and such?”

He probably is ready, but if you share information with a child who is not mature enough to hear it, the likelihood is that he will simply not process it.

Some parents feel that having difficult discussions with their children will “awaken” some desire or make them want to engage in the behaviors you are discussing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, silence from parents on subjects kids are already hearing about can come across like an endorsement!

It’s time to start talking about the tough issues with your kid. Just click on the order now button below to get your copy of “The Tough Talks.”

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Mary-Kate Warner
Parent and Sunday School Director

P.S. A great rule of thumb on when to approach your kids about difficult subjects is to think back on when certain temptations arose in your life or your friends’ lives, and then subtract two years. So is it time to talk to your child? If so, get “The Tough Talks” today. Order now.

P.P.S. Don’t leave your child with the impression that you don’t know and/or don’t care about a difficult issue. Get “The Tough Talks” and become a confidante and advisor to your kid! Order now.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab the current low price while you can! If “The Tou gh Talks” isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money immediately.

The Tough Talks

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