Discover How to Give Your Daughter a Moral Compass That’ll Guide Her
to Peace, Love & Success!

Today’s young women face a perilous journey, forced to grow up in a society that has, for the most part, abandoned morals for an “if it feels good do it” mentality.

Concern and compassion for others, respect for one’s self and for the law, common decency and good character have all seemingly fallen by the wayside.

Now starting as soon as fourth grade, girls must face difficult issues like dating, cheating, meanness, gossip, clothing wars and social media challenges and without the right moral foundation they risk going down the wrong life path – a path that could lead to sadness, disappointment, depression and worse.

That’s Why I’ve Spent the Past Year Developing the
“20 Modern Morals for Girls” Bible Study

Modern Morals for GirlsThis program reveals how to display Godly morals in even the most difficult situations so that girls develop the confidence, the strength and the self-worth they need to succeed in life no matter what gets thrown their way.

So many girls today cave in to pressures to begin dating too early or to have sex before they are ready or to gossip about those who may be a little more socially awkward, yet if they just had a guide, a solid moral foundation, they could resist these temptations and avoid making mistakes that could haunt them for the rest of their lives.

In “20 Modern Morals for Girls” I’ve tried to pick the most common, most difficult issues girls ages 9 to 13 face today so that they can develop that solid moral compass that will point them toward happiness and success the rest of their lives.

Girls Today Need to Know That There is More
to Life Than Just “Me, Me, Me” ...

… And understanding this concept begins with a belief in God and an understanding of what God expects us to do even in life’s most difficult circumstances.

The good news is that even though morals seem to be dying out, studies have shown that with good parental example and training in morals at a young age, say 9 – 13, young girls will grow up to have strong morals and be the kind of adult women that we all respect.

Do you want your daughter, or if you are a teacher your female students, to understand right from wrong and to do the right thing, the Godly thing, even in the most difficult circumstance?

If so, this Bible study is perfect for you and your child.

Here’s What “20 Modern Morals
for Girls” Includes:

You get 20 distinct and important lessons covering everything from gossiping to sexual pressures to body image and much more.

Each lesson contains a story that will bring kids into the lives of a character that is very much like them.

In fact, don’t be surprised if your daughter often says, “that could be me!” or “I know someone like that!”

The characters face down a common yet perplexing challenge, and kids will find themselves in that character’s shoes.

The story is closed by a message from an adult perspective about how God and his word play into this issue.

Several Bible lookups are then interspersed with study questions, generated to help kids think about how this whole situation applies to them.

If you are reading the study with your kids, this will be a great spot to bring in comments and questions of your own.

In fact, this section is designed to help parents communicate more effectively with their pre-teens and develop trust.

Each lesson also includes “Write About It!” which is a private session for your daughter where he is invited to complete some open-ended journaling. This serves as another great opportunity for her to apply God’s word to her own life.

The journaling is flexible. It can be brief or it can be involved, depending
on how much your child likes to write – and don’t be surprised, even if your child doesn’t like to write, how much she gets into this exercise.

Journaling can be a powerful release and learning tool for kids and the privacy of it can really encourage them to participate and get real value from it.

If you have a quiet child this can be a great way for her to get certain feelings and issues out and examine them without parental assistance.

Take the ‘Awkwardness’ Out of Talking to Your Daughter About Today’s Most Serious Issues!

It certainly is not easy growing up as a girl in today’s world. Girls may face specific body issues, greater struggles with gossiping or even the longing for a boyfriend to "validate" them, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As parents, or teachers, we want to help but discussing these issues can be awkward and often we don’t know what to say.

For example, many parents advise their girls not to wear “short shorts” but instead of making it a discussion on modesty, the girls end up thinking that they are being told they are fat.

I designed “20 Modern Morals for Girls” to prevent confusion like this and to take the awkwardness out of talking to your daughter.

It is my sincere hope that this Bible study will be a conversation starter that will help girls and their parents see these issues in relevant stories, which will hopefully open the door for greater communication between them.

Here’s Just Some of What Girls Will Learn
from This Bible Study:

How to develop the commitment and courage it takes to lead a Christian life sexually – and the amazing reward you can expect to receive for doing it!

How to avoid becoming a victim of a ‘social media war’ – it’s easy to do when you follow this tip!

Two ways to quickly and safely put an end to bullying – plus how to develop trust in God so that you never have to live in fear!

How to dress so that you feel comfortable and attractive yet don’t attract the wrong kind of attention!

How to see the best in people … and let the worst go!

How to develop a commitment to not saying about others what you wouldn’t want them to say about you … and how to follow this commitment no matter what happens in the future!

What real leaders are and aren’t and how to develop the leadership skills you need to succeed!

How to draw from God all the strength you need to resist peer pressure!

How to resist materialism and instead learn to focus on building up treasures in heaven!

How to ensure you never have your life ruined by an inappropriate photo or video!

How to develop a good body image so that you are truly able to enjoy yourself and your friends without constantly worrying about what you look like!

How to be so filled with God’s joy and with gratitude for life that others see you as “radiant”!

The differences between talking with girls and with boys and how to excel at talking to both!

How to deal with being called names … plus, how to resist the pressure to conform with those around you!

How to settle fights between friends and ensure that you are never brought into the middle of it!

How to win with grace and lose with even more grace!

How to truly forgive and forget so that perceived slights and disappointments don’t ruin your life!

How to stay focused on the treasures that last forever like love, joy and peace and avoid getting sidetracked by temporary things that don’t really matter, like pretty clothes!

How to embrace your physical flaws and see them for what they really are – opportunities to make you a better person!

How to gain much-need peace when you are feeling anxious or depressed!

How to be a real lady in God’s eyes and in the eyes of your friends!

How to respect your parents and really learn from them!

How to be humble enough to learn from someone who is better than you at something!

And much more!

The Bible lessons and relevant stories of life in school and in the neighborhood that make up “20 Modern Morals for Girls” will give you great opportunity after great opportunity to talk to your kids about God, values, faith and vision.

Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour to spend with your daughter, you will be able to inspire them to think, pray and understand how to survive the preteen years.

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Good Morals May Be More Important
Now Than Ever Before!

Just look at what the research says about people with good “moral fiber”:

They are more successful in their relationships with other people!
They know better how to treat people with respect and understanding!

They live beyond themselves, get involved and contribute positively to society!

They take responsibility for their actions and as a result tend to act much more responsibly!
They are better at learning and growing both socially and emotionally!
They are generally much happier and capable of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel if things get bad!

In other words, girls with good morals are the type of people you want to be friends with … the type of people that you respect and that you want to be around … and don’t you want your daughter to be that type of person?

That’s why you need to get “20 Modern Morals for Girls” today …

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Here’s the Bottom Line on This
Incredible Resource …

The journey from childhood to adolescence can be very challenging and is fraught with experiences that can end up affecting your daughter for the rest of her life.

I consider “20 Modern Morals for Girls” to be a roadmap for this period allowing you to take those experiences and use them to mold and shape your daughter into a young person with the moral foundation she needs to not just survive the preteen years but to also become a successful, Godly woman who does the right thing and who always looks out for others!

Don’t try to get through this important period without a roadmap. Order “20 Modern Morals for Girls” and make sure your daughter knows exactly what God expects of her when life gets hard.

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Mary-Kate Warner
Parent and Sunday School Director

P.S. The period between 9 and 13 is filled with experiences and decisions that affect moral development. Ensure your daughter develops the solid moral foundation she needs to be happy and to thrive in life, order “20 Modern Morals for Girls” today. Order now.

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Modern Morals for Girls

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