christmas play tips

christmas play tipsA Christmas play script that uses modern, easy to understand language and humor will help keep kids engaged while learning and performing the Christmas story.

Selecting a Christmas play script that will keep both the cast and audience entertained can be a challenge. Many traditional plays use traditional biblical wording that is difficult for children to pronounce, let alone memorize.

Keeping children engaged throughout the production process is an essential part of teaching them the message of Christmas. Using a modern script will help you do that.

Modern Christmas Play Scripts

A modern script with simple, easy to pronounce language will ensure a smooth play. Kids will be much more likely to memorize their lines. If you are including actual Bible verses in the script, avoid using the King James translation. It may be what we are used to hearing, but it is difficult for a child to understand and recite. Try using scripture verses from the Living Translation or the Message Bible. These are alternatives that will use more up to date language without changing the sacredness of the event.

A modern script may even include modern cultural references that will help the kids to understand the story better. Let’s face it, today’s kids are growing up in a fast-paced television and Internet-dominated world. Jesus’ birth occurred over 2000 years ago! It was a vastly different time that can be hard for adults, let alone kids, to relate to.

Humorous Christmas Play Scripts

Including humor in your Christmas play is always a hit! A script that balances truth, humor, and worship will keep the kids and audience engaged. Most people don’t associate laughter and humor with church, so including it in your play will be refreshing. From the way some pageants and churches are conducted, you would be led to believe that God doesn’t have a sense of humor. God created humor and we should not be afraid to glorify Him with it.

Christmas Play Scripts: the Bigger Picture

While choosing the perfect script for your production can be difficult and overwhelming, try to keep the bigger picture in mind. Many children only know Christmas to mean trees, presents, and Santa Claus. This is an opportunity for them to learn and understand the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus and what that means for us all. Focus on teaching the children the story rather than getting hung up on production details and perfection.

Keeping these tips in mind, do you think you’ll be modernizing or adding some humor to your Christmas play script?