mlk object lesson whole staircasemlk object lesson whole staircase

mlk object lesson whole staircasemlk object lesson whole staircase

This engaging MLK object lesson, using a flashlight in a dark room, will teach kids about the faith in God that Martin Luther King spoke of when he said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase; only the next step.” Candy prizes will make kids especially open to the concept.

MLK Object Lesson:  You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase”¦

Household Object: Flashlight


– Actually, you will need two flashlights; one to guide the way to the prize for children and the other so you can see to read!

– Bag of sugar wafers that come in various flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

– Serving plate or bowl for the sugar wafers.

– Aluminum foil.


– Put the cookies in a special bowl or on a special plate so that all the flavors are showing nicely. Cover it with aluminum foil.

– Hide the cookies for now. (After you turn out the lights, have your assistant put down the bowl in the far corner of the room.)


Keep the lights on for the beginning.

Who can tell me who Martin Luther King was? Civil Rights Leader. Gave the “I have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Baptist Minister. Was assassinated in 1968, on April 4th. He was famous for using nonviolence to create change.

One of Dr. King’s most famous sayings goes like this: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Only the next step.” What do you think that means? Repeat it a few times and let them guess.

Martin Luther King had a dream that men and women of all colors and ethnic backgrounds would forget about their superficial outsides, and like each other because of their insides. He did not know how to achieve the equality he preached about. But he worked towards it, one step at a time. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase”¦” Martin Luther King saw that peaceful demonstrations would help. He led eight peaceful protests. That was taking a few steps toward peace.

It’s like this”¦ Turn out the lights and turn on your flashlights. Have one child volunteer to stand up. Have your assistant shine the flashlight on the floor a few feet away and ask the child to step into the beam.

When we walk by the light of God in a dark world, often we cannot see where we are going, where God will take us. This is our faith, that we keep following God and moving with the next step that He shows us.

Have your assistant move the flashlight beam a few feet closer to the treasure and have the student step into it again.

It may feel that God is leading us on a nonsensical journey. We may think He has lost sight of us or has forgotten us. But no matter how we feel”¦ that isn’t so.

Have your assistant move the flashlight beam a few feet closer to the treasure and have the child step into it again.

It may feel like God will let us bang into things – or that we could get seriously injured by following His will. He has called people to get hurt for His name and even to die for it. Those people are called “martyrs.” They are very special. For most of us, God’s light is also His protection. If you stay in the light, you will not get hurt by the darkness.

Have your assistant move the flashlight beam a few feet closer to the treasure and have the child step into it again.

We can’t always see the whole staircase. Sometimes God just lets us see the next step. When we follow without seeing where we are going, that is called faith.

Have the assistant shine the flashlight onto the bowl of sugar wafers. Have the child step into the light again, pick up the candy and peruse it. Turn on all the lights and take up the prize”¦

There is great treasure in following God’s will. We can accomplish great things like greater equality, like greater faith, like greater justice for all, if we are willing to follow God’s light one step at a time!



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