mirror science experiment

God calls us to be reflections of his light in the world. Daylight Savings is a time when we adjust our clocks so that we can have more the light in the evening. This science experiment with light and mirrors will encourage kids to think about the adjustments they need to make to be more of a light in the world.


• Mirrors
• Flashlight
• Picture (you can rip one you like out of a magazine)
• Tape


1. Tape the picture to the wall and turn out the lights.
2. Give one child the flashlight and another child a mirror.
3. Ask the children to try and make the light hit the picture by aiming it at the mirror.
4. Adjust the mirror until the light hits the picture on the wall.


Reflection is light bouncing off of an object. If you use a rough object, the light will be diffused and go in all directions. When you use a smooth, shiny object like a mirror, the light will bounce off in a straight line. It will also reflect at the same angle from which the light came in. This is why playing around with the angle of the mirror affects the direction of the light.


God calls us to be like these mirrors and reflect his light into the world. We can do this in many ways: we can be charitable, we can share, we can remind people that Jesus loves them – there are all kinds of ways. Sometimes things can get in the way of reflecting God’s light. Maybe we are too busy, or too afraid of being made fun of. When this happens we need to pray and make adjustments. We can clear out time to pray or help others. We can also ask God to adjust our perspective so we have more confidence in his plans for us.