many mansions bible game

 many mansions bible game

John 14:2- is an important scripture to memorize at a young age, because adulthood often brings questions and doubts about the afterlife. Hence, this Bible game will help your students memorize it.

Memorizing Many Mansions – A Bible Game


1. Cut the words up below so that each line is a separate strip:


In My Father’s house

are many dwelling places;

if it were not so,

I would have told you;

For I go to prepare

a place for you.

If I go and prepare

a place for you,

I will come again

and receive you

to Myself,

that where I am,

there you may be also.


2. Take all the cut up lines and mix them up. Then start to pass out the lines to each student, almost like you’re dealing them out like a deck of cards.

3. Tell each student to try to memorize silently just the little random pieces they have. If some are too young to read their own lines, have the older ones help them memorize.

4. Then, ask them to work together put their lines in order on the table. Keep reading the scripture verse until they have put all their lines in a row.

5. Next, ask them to read the scripture verse, each taking their own lines, which are now on the table.

6. Finally, ask them all to read the scripture verse together.



As we get older, and our imaginations quit working so well, if we find that we have trouble picturing heaven”¦  Let’s remember this class. And this scripture. If it weren’t true, Jesus would have told us!


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