memorial day game

This Memorial Day game will help children learn the importance of remembrance. It will also teach them that kindness and justice will live on in people’s minds longer than evil ever will.


– Hershey Kisses
– Black Permanent Marker


Children will test their memories as they compete to see who can make the most pairs!


For each two children, make one group of eight-ten Hershey kisses. Break each group of Hershey Kisses into four-five pairs. On the bottom of each pair, you will draw matching shapes (ie- two hearts, two smiley faces, two squares etc.). Make sure you don’t repeat any shapes in any of the groups!


Over the years, Memorial Day has become a sort of kick-off to the summer season. Although we love nothing more than the happiness and warmth that summer brings, we do have to remember that that isn’t the real season for the holiday. We celebrate Memorial Day to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty, the brave men and women in our armed forces. We’ll revisit this later, after we play a game!


1. Have students split into pairs.

2. Give each group a set of Hershey Kisses.

3. Have them line the chocolates up in grid formation.

4. When you say, “Go!” each group will start to play a game of memory.

5. One student will pick up two chocolates and if the letters match, they get to collect them.

6. If they do not match, the student has to put the two chocolates back in their respective places.

7. The students will alternate taking turns until all of the chocolates have been cleared off of the “board”.

8. The student with the most chocolates by the end of the round wins.

9. The student who loses is out of the game.

10. Collect the extra chocolates and tack them onto the remaining students’ “boards”.

11. Once finished, the final pair of students should have a large grid to play with.

12. If needed, play best out of three.

13. Students may split up and eat the chocolate after the game is over.


The soldiers who have died knew they were putting their lives on the line if they went into battle. They hoped they would “dodge the bullet” and be spared, but they also knew they were signing up to defend our freedoms, maybe to the death.

They’re a little like these Hershey Kisses. All troops look alike when they’re dressed in uniform. Just like we were never sure which kisses were leaving the table, troops don’t know when and if their time will come. Just like the Kisses, we have to remember the fallen, and it takes a little time and effort.



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