marshmallow snowmen bible craft

marshmallow snowmen bible craft

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Marshmallow Snowmen Bible Craft & Snack

These snowmen not only tasty yummy and are fun to make, but they provide a message about having a joyful heart!  Try this Bible craft with your kids in your next class!



– Marshmallows

– Brown or black icing, small tube with fine point

– White icing, small tube with fine point

– Long very thin strips of red licorice

– Red gum drops

– Tooth picks

– Pretzels, M&M’s, candies, etc. for extra embellishments (optional)



1. Give each child three marshmallows (two to make their snowman and one to eat.)

2. With the dark icing, make a face on one marshmallow which will be the head of the snowman, and a row of buttons on the other which will be the body of the snowman.

3. Attach a gum drop to the snowman’s head with white icing to make a hat.

4. Attach the head and body of the snowmen with white icing.

5. Have toothpicks available in case the icing tends to slip.

6. Tie a strip of red licorice around the snowman’s neck to make a scarf.

7. Each child should have a white paper napkin or plate to carry their snowman home.



Can anybody tell me what joy is?

Take answers.

And what is a joyful heart?

Take answers.

What makes you joyful?

Take answers.

How do you feel, when you wake up and see the world under a blanket of snow, and your mother tells you there’s no school, so after breakfast, you can go outside and build a snowman?

Let the children respond, then say:

Being happy, so happy we feel our hearts will burst, is what we call having a joyful heart. And happy as it makes us to build a snow man, when we can feel God’s love inside us and know we can trust in him and his wisdom to lead us, we have a joyful heart.


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