This Bible game will teach students how their actions can help or harm a process and how to take responsibility. It also teaches about taking your time and staying focused.


• Two Small Bowls
• Mini Marshmallows
• Two Regular Size Cups
• Two Small Bathroom Cups


Be the pair that collects the most mini marshmallows.


There are many ways one can work hard; its success depends on our methods and motivations. We’re going to practice working hard today during our Bible game!


1. If possible, divide the class into pairs.

2. Give one student from each pair a regular cup of marshmallows and the other student a small cup.

3. Place the bowl behind the student with the small cup.

4. Have students stand about four feet apart.

5. When you say “Go!” one student will begin tossing the marshmallows to their partner.

6. Marshmallows must land in the cup or else they do not count.

7. A student may empty his or her cup of marshmallows into the bowl whenever they see fit.

8. The team that collects the most marshmallows the fastest wins.


Sometimes the faster we moved, the fewer marshmallows we collected. We needed to figure out how to work together in order to get the most marshmallows. Sometimes throwing them one after the other as fast as we could was not the best idea. Hard work doesn’t always mean working the fastest; sometimes the most work can be achieved with a slow and steady pace.

Let’s reflect on how to pace ourselves this year. Let’s work hard, but not too hard. We don’t want to forget to meditate, reflect, and enjoy God’s great company each day.