handprint cards

Help with cutting to make these adorable handprint cards look smoother. Kids will enjoy the art of tracing on a fold and seeing the outcome – and also have a chance to talk about what makes grandparents – and other people in our lives – so special.


– Construction paper, light in color, one sheet for each child
– Adult scissors
– Pencil
– Markers
– White printer paper, two sheets per child
– Ruler or straightedge
– Stick glue


The printer paper is to make homemade envelopes for the cards. Take one of the two sheets for each student and cut off the top two inches. Use the ruler to make sure your lines are straight. (This shorter sheet will be the front of the envelope and the longer sheet will have two inches to create a flap.)


1. Fold your sheet of construction paper in half widthwise so that it looks like a card.
2. If you are right-handed:

– Place the card in front of you with the fold to the right.
– Place your left hand on top so that your thumb and index finger are hanging over the fold.

3. If you are left-handed:

– Place the card in front of you with the fold to the left.
– Place your right hand on top so that your thumb and index finger are hanging over the fold.

4. Trace very lightly around your handprint. Try to make lines as straight as possible.

5. Do your writing on the card before the teacher cuts it, and that way you don’t have to worry about fingers on the card getting bent or torn. Write first lightly in pencil and then cover with marker to make sure all your letters fit. After writing in marker, erase any stray pencil marks:

– On the front put GRANDMA or GRANDPA or both if you have both.
– Inside put THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM in the left palm. In the right palm put HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY and your name.

6. Pass the card off to the teacher for cutting.

7. To make your envelope:

– Lay in front of you a piece of standard printer paper.
– Lay on top of it one of the sheets the teacher cut that is two inches shorter.
– Line them up so that the corners at the bottom are perfectly matched and the sides are perfectly lined up with the shorter sheet on top.
– Run a line of stick glue along the edge of the short sheet.
– Turn it over and match it perfectly with the bottom of the long sheet and the sides. Press so the glue takes on both sheets.
– Put your card inside.
– Fold down the top of the long sheet so it makes an envelope flap.
– Write on the front GRANDMA or GRANDPA or both.


In American culture, we tend to value beauty. As people get older, they try to look younger. They try to hide wrinkles and bellies and especially gray hair! However, America is not right about everything. When it comes down to what the Bible says versus what America does, what should we listen to? The Bible.

Proverbs 16:31 says, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” How many of you have grandparents with gray or graying hair?

Gray hair is a symbol of wisdom and experience. You need to think of it as a crown that you will have someday. Right now, your grandparents have it. Think of them as wise and experienced, and listen to what they have to say. It will help make you wise someday.



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