magic-glasses bible craft

magic-glasses bible craft

This Transfiguration Bible craft of making glasses out of red cellophane will help students see the difference between having red “earthly” vision and “pure” vision, such as the disciples had up on Mount Tabor with Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.   The Transfiguration gave the disciples a chance to see the true glory of God. They were seeing things differently than they ever saw things before. Just like them, we have to go on in a world where it’s hard to see that Jesus is near us. We need to remember”¦the problem is only in our earthly eyes! He is very much with us, even if we have trouble seeing him down here on earth. He is with us every day, forgiving us, renewing us, and transfiguring us, by faith. (Matthew 17:1-9)  Check out this guest post over at Christian Homeschool Moms!


Magic Glasses for Pure Vision: A Transfiguration Bible Craft


After you make your Magic Glasses, take a bite out of this Invisible Strawberry Delight Transfiguration Bible Snack & Lesson!

invisible strawberry delight transfiguration lesson


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