love butterflies valentines day craft

love butterflies valentines day craft

“Love Butterflies” Valentines Day Craft

If you’re looking for something other than red tissue hearts on Valentine’s Day, Love Butterflies is a perfect alternative. In this Valentines day craft, the red and pink wings are shaped like hearts, and a butterfly symbolizes eternity (as opposed to the caterpillar, which symbolizes life on earth). A Love Butterfly, when given as a gift, implies that the love between the sender and recipient will be for all eternity, like God’s love for us, like our love for our parents, and their love for us!


– Empty toilet paper tube

– Red construction paper

– Pink construction paper

– Scissors

– Glue or paste

– Pipe cleaners

– Pen, maker, crayons, or pencil

– Elastic band

– Candy

– Pen, maker, crayons, or pencil

– Elastic band

– Stapler

– Candy

– Glitter glue (optional!)


Teacher Preparation:

At least a week before dong this craft start saving used toilet rolls and/or asking other teachers to save theirs. Paper towel rolls can be cut in half and used if that works best for you.


Your Love Butterfly symbolizes eternal love, like God has for us. When you give your Love Butterfly to your parents or guardian for Valentine’s Day, tell them that your love for them is eternal, because you love through Christ, and His love is eternal for us. 1 John 4:7 tells us “Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God.  Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God.”


1. Place the toilet paper tube right side up on a piece of light cardboard and draw a circle around the tube. Make it a little bigger than the end of the tube.

2. Fold the edges of the circle around the bottom of tube and glue or paste the cardboard circle to the tube. Use elastic band around the bottom edge to help keep cardboard circle securely attached.

3. Cover the tube with pink construction paper to make the body of the bug.

4. Cut two red hearts from construction paper. On each heart write something nice. For example: “I love You” “You make my heart beat faster” “To the greatest Mom in the world” “Be my Valentine.”

5. Staple or glue the pointed edge of two hearts together so they look like wings.  Now glue the “wings” to the body of butterfly.

6. Draw a happy face on its body.

7. Use pipe cleaners to make antennae for the butterfly and attach to top of tube.

8. Fill the “love butterfly” with small candies such as M&M’s or candy hearts.

9. Write “Eternal Love” across the very bottom with marker pens or glitter glue.

10. Have children give their Love Butterfly to their parent or guardian!


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