This Bible game helps us to  understand that the love of God is sometimes hard to feel – but it’s definitely there! Being able to feel God’s love and protection gets us through many hard times. Sometimes it feels like our problems are so overwhelming that the soft quiet presence of the Lord can hardly be felt. With the following Bible game, we can practice feeling soft and quiet, yet strong, presences.

Bible Game: Feeling God’s Love

Materials needed: blindfold

Object of the Bible Game: To be able to tell three times in a row when a person you love is close to you.

Instructions: Blindfold one child. Make sure he cannot see out the bottom!

Have the other children stand behind him. The blindfolded child must keep his hands at his sides and his feet flat on the floor. He may not reach out. Or move.

Have students take turns, between long pauses, moving up within a foot of the blindfolded child. Another child may come within a foot of the blindfolded child from the front, back, or either side. He may not touch the blindfolded child.

When the blindfolded child senses the “presence” of another child in his space, less than a foot from his body, he should say, “You’re here.”

Whether he guesses correctly or incorrectly does not matter; he should continue trying to perceive a very close presence until every child in the room has come close to him.
Let everyone in the class try being the blindfolded person.

Closing: Discuss how this is similar to feeling the presence of God: You have to be quiet; you have to be patient; you have to block out other noise and distraction in order to hear him, which is why prayer is so important; you have to have a certain amount of confidence in your intuition, which some say is very similar to your spirit. Discuss how impatience can make us mishear the will of God sometimes (kids who guess to quickly simply because they hear noise behind them).

Discuss how fear can distort things: A nervous child may get jumpy when blindfolded and deceived into thinking his classmates might strike, push or startle him; this is very similar to us thinking God might disappoint us or scare us if we rely on him too closely.

Let’s all try this week to listen for the voice of God, to understand that it is a caring voice, a trustworthy voice, and that it is ALWAYS present. We just have to listen!


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