labor day bible snack

labor day bible snack

In today’s blog post, we will use red, white and blue colors to create a Labor Day Bible snack that reminds children that our country celebrates Labor Day to honor the working people.  It will remind us that we all profit from the “fruit” of their labor and to remember to be grateful for what we have.

“How Many Laborers” Colorful Labor Day Bible Snack


– Any kind of cracker or flat bread

– Spreadable cream cheese

– Blueberries

– Strawberries

– Paper plates and plastic utensils



What I’m holding is a colorful snack to help us celebrate our country’s working people. It will remind us that someone had to plant and cultivate the fruit we eat and others have to raise the cows that give us the milk that gives us cream cheese. Other workers labor in the factories that make and package the cheese and finally, all the fruit and cream cheese has to be delivered to the stores in our neighborhoods. And don’t forget the moms and dads who shop for those products. We will use red, white and blue colors to remind us that Labor Day is a cherished American tradition.



1. Place crackers or flat bread on a paper plate.

2. Spread cream cheese on crackers

3. Place blueberries and strawberries on top of cream.

4. Enjoy.



Corinthians 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” When you say your prayers remember to thank God for all the people who work so hard to grow the food we eat and to bless our parents for buying and cooking our daily meals.


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