knock me down transfiguration bible game

knock me down transfiguration game

Here’s a chance for your kids to become a little like Transformers! With a stocking on their head and a ball inside the stocking, they can be empowered to “knock down life’s struggles” in this fun and memorable Transfiguration Bible game!

“Knock Me Down” Transfiguration Bible Game


– One pair of pantyhose per child
– Two tennis balls
– Twelve bottles of water


Using a tennis ball and a pair of pantyhose wrapped around their head, students will have to race to knock down all of their [team’s] water bottles.


Transfiguration Day is the day that marks when three of the disciples were able to see the Transfigured Moses and Elijah and watch their teacher talk to them. It gave the disciples the idea that they were slowly being transformed – and so are you! Let’s see how much spiritual power we can see from each other as we transform to knock down some of life’s problems.


Line the water bottles up at least three feet apart, six in front of each team.


1. If possible, split children into two even teams.

2. Have the teams form two straight lines.

3. In front of each team, line up six water bottles about a foot apart.

4. Give every child a pair of pantyhose and give the first two children a tennis

5. When you say “Go!” the two children will begin to feed the tennis ball to the
bottom of a leg in the pantyhose.

6. Once it is at the bottom, they will place the pantyhose on their head so that the leg with the tennis ball hangs in front of them.

7. Next, they will bend forward and swing the tennis ball back and forth, aiming to knock down a water bottle.

8. Children may not move on to the next water bottle until they knock down the
one in front of them.

9. Once they have knocked down all of the water bottles, they have to set them
back up, take the tennis ball out of their pantyhose and hand it to the person
behind them.

10. Repeat steps five through nine until one team has successfully had their entire team knock down all of the water bottles!


When Apostle Peter asked to stay on Mount Tabor with Moses and Elijah, God’s message to him was to do what Jesus told him. Jesus told him to go down with him, that they had much work to do. Jesus died on the cross in less than a week. Apostle Peter worked as Jesus’ top messenger to the Gentiles. They had lots of work to do!

They must have felt like we did, playing this game! Will we ever get this done? Is this even possible? Let’s concentrate harder.

If this were a transformation, congratulations! You would all be transformed!


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