These Sunday school activities will help you plan your Sunday school lesson for your 2-5 year olds teaching the lesson on God as our Shepherd.  These kids Sunday school activities, including discussions, crafts and songs, will hold their attention and help them to grasp the meaning of the lesson.Kids Bible Craft

Sunday School Activities for “God’s Sheep”

Discussion #1:
Ask the children what they know about sheep. Talk about their caretaker, the shepherd. Explain how the shepherd takes care of the sheep and how important each sheep is to the shepherd.

Bible Story:
Read the following passages:
Psalms 42:22
John 10:27

Discussion #2:
Ask the children who are the sheep and who is the shepherd according to the Bible. Emphasize that God is our Shepherd because He watches over us just like a shepherd would watch over his sheep.

Have the children make sheep.

Materials needed:
Cardstock or some other thick paper
Black markers
Cotton balls

Pre-cut sheep from the thick paper (at least one for each child). Then have the children draw mouth, nose and eyes and glue cotton balls on to make their sheep soft.

Talk about what a shepherd does to take care of his sheep, such as feeding them, bringing them back if they get lost from the rest, loving them, etc.
Have the children play the roles of sheep and the shepherd. Let each child have a turn to be the shepherd and “take care of” the sheep (the rest of the children).


Sing the song Sheep (to the tune of Bingo).

It is our Lord who takes care of us,
We are His sheep,
We are his Sheep.


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