Talk to Jesus

Talk to JesusWelcome to the final part of the “Jesus is a Guy, Not a Rule Book” Bible Study Lesson!  This final part of the Bible Study will focus on a small group activity that will provide your students with ideas of how to approach their ever-growing relationships with Jesus.

Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this Bible Study lesson if you missed them!

Small Group Bible Study Activity

When talking to Jesus, it’s best to start out alone unless you’ve got some super”super spiritual friend. That’s because friends are distracting and we feel too self”conscious.

Second, it’s important to listen as well as talk. This is where a lot of people fall down. Remember, Jesus is a friend. You don’t do all the talking with your friends; you talk half the time and listen half the time–this is how it should be with Jesus, too.

Let’s fill out a list of things we want to talk to Jesus about this week.

Fill in the blanks or put down whatever you wish. When you get home, spend just a few minutes every day telling Jesus this stuff, and then spend some time listening.

Give out the Jesus is a Guy Worksheet, which is below. Let the kids fill in and say aloud what they wrote.

To generate discussion, you might fill out a sheet too and start mentioning your own ideas and answers as an ice breaker. As this is a time for identifying problems, it’s probably not wise to stifle what amounts to gossip unless it’s getting out of hand. Be sympathetic and enthusiastic to anyone who wants to speak.

Jesus is a Guy Worksheet – Things to Discuss with Jesus

At the top are examples of kids’ prayers. They’re in easy, normal speak, which is how we speak to friends (hence, Jesus). You can use them, as they apply to many kids. Just skip any that don’t apply to you. Use the lines below to make a list of things that are bothering you. Say them in easy speak when you are alone, and don’t forget to listen.

#1 Jesus, I’ve got this problem going on with _____________ (friend’s name). I know you know what it is already, but it’s important to talk, so I’m telling you”¦
#2 Jesus, my teacher _____________ (teacher’s name) hates me. At least I think he/she does. Tell me what to do about this because it’s hard to sit in a room every day when you think somebody hates you.
#3 Jesus, my mom (or dad) is so amped up”¦all she does is yell lately. It makes me feel _________________________________. How can I not feel so horrible, or what can I do?

Any people who have been stressing you out:
Any things you’d like to do better at (grades, sports, instruments, friendships):
Things he did for you this week that you’d like to say thank you for:

Talk to Jesus like a real friend! Every day!

Sunday School Lesson Conclusion

We’ll never have a better friend than Jesus. He understands everything you feel; he knows it all, and he’s more than willing to share what he knows if it will help you in any way. You may find this week that talking to him is kind of easy, especially if you were raised to do it. If it’s easy for you, I can’t wait to hear next week. If it’s a bit challenging, I can’t wait to hear that either. We’ll talk about that next time.

This concludes the “Jesus is a Guy, Not a Rule Book” Bible Study Sunday School Lesson. What do you think about this Bible Study lesson, overall? Is this something that you believe will help your students to build a lasting relationship with Jesus? Share your thoughts and experiences with this lesson below.