Rules and Regulations

Rules and RegulationsKids tend to think of things in black and white terms. Even “˜Tweeners may think of the New Testament as a set of rules and regulations. This Bible study lesson will help your students begin to get in a different mindset.

Jesus definitely wants us to engage in certain behaviors that will keep us safe and secure and will help us develop into nice people. But he’s a person. He wants a relationship more than anything. There aren’t many scriptures directly written about Jesus in his boyhood. Hence, trying to get to imagine him as young is often overlooked in Sunday schools. Yet it’s helpful to kids to be able to answer this question at their ages: What would Jesus have done? This lesson will help kids pack in some thoughtful imagery to help Jesus come alive in their minds, which is an important step in becoming his true friend.

Children’s Church Bible Study Activity Materials

  • small plastic container
  • candy and cookies – enough so that everyone can have two cookies and two pieces of candy
  • 3 index cards
  • tape
  • marker
  • blindfold

Class Activity Preparation

1. Fill the container with candy and cookies.
2. Write on the three index cards: Peace, Security, Mercy.
3. Put the signs, tape, container, and blindfold in front of you with your notes.

Sunday School Activity Introduction

This Sunday school Bible Study lesson has a short introduction that you’ll want to use before getting into the meat of the activity:

(Show the first of your three signs: “peace.”) Most of us don’t feel peaceful through all of our days. Some of us feel peaceful at home but not at school. Some feel peaceful in class, but there’s that bully on the playground or in the cafeteria”¦ How’d you like to have peace just about wherever you go? (Tape the word “peace” on the container.)

(Show your second sign, “security.”) Some of us worry about things that could happen. My friend got in a car accident”¦could I get in one? I saw a scary movie the other day”¦now it’s night, and what’s in my closet? How’d you like to be able to shrug off that stuff that makes you doubtful or scared? (Tape the word “security” to the container.)

(Show your third sign, “mercy.”) Most of us can get pretty angry at times. There’s that big”mouth girl who makes fun of you”¦ There’s that teacher who doesn’t seem to care about your perfectly good excuse. How’d you like to be able to say something nice and honestly feel great instead of feeling frustrated, depressed, or even slightly ill? (Tape the word “mercy” to the bucket.)

Now that you’ve got the materials, prep work, and the intro for this Bible Study activity, let’s take a break and be sure to come back tomorrow for the continuation of this four-part lesson.

What do you think so far? Are peace, security, and mercy topics that your students will be engaged by?