invisible strawberry delight transfiguration lesson

Check out this awesome Transfiguration snack and lesson!  The use of red cellophane or cellophane glasses can help children understand how God’s blessings on earth can be hard to see. With cellophane over their eyes,  they’re like earthly beings who miss some of the details. Without them, they can see clearly God’s blessings in people and surroundings!

Invisible Strawberry Delight – A Magical Transfiguration Lesson & Snack


– Individual portions of pound cake
– Can of spray-on whipped cream
– Strawberries
– Paper plates and plastic spoons
– Red cellophane

Teacher Preparation

Wash and cut away green leaves and stems from very red strawberries and purchase pound cake large enough so that each child has one slice.


We celebrate the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mountain to remind us that God has great plans for Christians in heaven. Down here?

Sometimes it’s hard to see God’s glory. Even when we think the path to fulfilling our dreams is difficult, we should trust in God’s goodness and look for the “hidden” gifts he has for all of us. Let’s use cellophane glasses and strawberry shortcake to see what we’re talking about.


1. Cut strips of red cellophane so that everyone has a piece large enough to cover both eyes.

2. Hold the strip of cellophane tightly against open eyes.

3. Each child receives one slice of pound cake which will be placed on a paper plate.

4. Squirt some whipped cream onto the pound cake.

5. Place one or two strawberries on top.

6. Look again at the strawberry short cake. Magic! The strawberries have disappeared.

7. Remove the cellophane and there are, just where you put them.


Just as we didn’t see the strawberries very well when we held cellophane in front of our eyes, we don’t always see God’s glory well here on earth. Take people, for instance. We tend to judge people by their appearance before we get to know them. For instance, there might be somebody at school whom we don’t like because he or she may look or dress differently from us. But then, after you get to know that person you may see that he or she is very kind. That person may offer to help with homework, or be a great team player, or shows courage in the face of danger. Suddenly you see that person in a different “light,” just as the disciples saw Jesus in a different “light” when his true nature was revealed.


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