Here are some ideas that can be used for international Sunday school lessons in teaching your 12-14 year olds. The discussions and activities apply to teenagers worldwide and stimulate thoughtful dialogue with your class about rules and boundaries.

Sunday School Lessons Series: “In The Beginning”International Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lessons Bible Story:
Read Genesis chapter 3 from the Bible or go around the room having each student read a section.

Sunday School Lessons Discussion #1: the reason for rules
Why does God have rules for us to follow? Do rules benefit us at all? Also discuss parents’ boundaries and consequences.

Sunday School Lessons Activity #1:

Challenge the students to find the verse that tells us the name of the tree Adam and Eve are commanded not to eat from, and read it. (Genesis 2: 16 & 17)

Sunday School Lessons Activity #2: sin is a sin
Make a large lower case “t” on a piece of paper or posterboard. On one side of the “t” write “sin” and on the other side, write “small sin”. Ask the students to come up with examples of both.

For example:
Sin                                               Small sin

Writing with spray paint on a house writing a paper for a friend

Speeding                    Staying up past bed time to finish reading a good book

Punching                      Saying something mean about someone to be funny

Sunday School Lessons Discussion #2: passing the buck
Reread verse 12 and Ask: “Why did Adam blame Eve for his sin?”
Why might you blame someone else for something you did?


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