instincts science experiment

Ben Franklin, like most inventors, was a great freethinker. He let his faith and instincts guide him instead of the laws and rules governing science at the time. This science experiment will tell us how good our instincts are, both collectively and individually.


• Several blindfolds
• Various objects, like pieces of fruit, balls, chalkboard eraser, and so on.


1. Have the children split into pairs.

2. One child will be blindfolded and the other child will run the experiment.

3. The child running the science experiment will place the object on the blindfolded child’s right or left.

4. The blindfolded student must reach in the direction they believe it to be.

5. If he guesses right, he keeps the object in his lap as a point.

6. If he guesses wrong, the partner will put the object in a discard pile.


People have an uncanny ability to feel things. There has been some research into why, and most point toward our senses picking up on even the slightest sound or vibration. More research has to be done on why there seems to be so much success when people go with their gut instincts.


Using our instinct is a lot like using our faith. We may feel like we’re completely in the dark about the directions God wants us to take. Ultimately, he is there. Ben Franklin was a great man of science and a great man of faith. Let’s remember that faith, spirit, and the use of our instincts are all good, as we honor his birthday today.


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