All Sunday school teachers understand that part of their role is increasing Sunday school attendance.  Here is one way that works well with your students, holds their interest, and keeps attendance steady.  Give this a try.

Ideas to Increase Sunday School Attendance: Implement a Pen Pal System

Start a pen pal system between your Sunday school class and a class in another town or another state.  Contact friends or family in other cities also involved in Sunday schools, and have students write to each other about what they are learning each week and what other activities are happening in their lives.

Send the letters together as one, to ensure all the letters are sent and received together.  When your letters come in, distribute them to the class and read them.  Ask students to share what is happening with their pen pals, and respond to the letters.

Remind students that if they do not attend Sunday school class, they cannot write to their pIncreasing Sunday School Attendanceals, and that person will not receive a letter that week.


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