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All or Nothing ““ it’s a concept that focuses on extremes. How does one observe this approach? The answer to this question is different for everyone, but one thing is certain – it is not to be taken lightly. It’s about taking risks and living like today is your last day on earth. For Christians, it can be a time to realize that Jesus wants ALL of each of us – our hearts, souls and minds!

This Bible lesson about giving Jesus your ALL is fun and easy – and it requires no materials!


Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for others, knowing that from the Lord you will receive heaven as your reward.”

Jesus walks along with us every day. We tend to forget this, why? Because we can’t see him or hear him. Let’s pretend that we can see Jesus and that we can see his eyes looking at us, his loving smile on us. Let’s see how we would behave.

I’ll tell you a situation. You tell me what you would do if Jesus was standing right beside you:

You’re taking a test in school. You suddenly realize”¦you don’t know any of the answers! You also realize”¦that the smartest girl in the class is sitting right beside you. Ah”¦ this could be an easy A! But”¦you turn around. There he is, watching you. It’s Jesus. What do you do? Let them discuss; try to strike a deal with the teacher for extra credit, figure out what went wrong, etc.

It’s lunchtime on your field trip”¦you are starved! And you realize”¦your mom packed your favorite sandwich for the picnic ground. On your favorite bread. And an apple. And carrot sticks. But you’re really stoked about your favorite sandwich, because everyone knows carrots and apples don’t fill you up. A girl across the table is watching you. She’s got tears in her eyes. “I’m starved and I forgot my lunch,” she says. Other kids are edging away from her at the table, all, “I’m starved. I’ll give you my orange but none of my sandwich.” You start to offer her your carrots, thinking, “Stupid, how could you forget your lunch?? Is it my fault you were a lamebrain?”

And there you see him”¦standing at the head of the table. Jesus is there watching you. What do you do? Let them discuss. (Note: This could go in the direction of everybody taking one bite or some “project” to keep most of their food so they don’t have to share too much. And maybe the answer is that Jesus would miraculously fill up somebody who was extra generous”¦?)

Your mom has asked you to sweep the whole first floor. Your friends are waiting for you outside. It’s a gorgeous day. If Mom is having ladies over to the house, how is that your problem? You can’t find the dust bin.

You’ve looked around twice already. The rug is right there. All you have to do is sweep the whole load of dust under the rug. Jesus has been right beside you, encouraging you through this task you really want none of.  What do you do? Encourage them to think of a time when, to finish a task, they had to find something that was missing, or it was taking twice as long as they thought. What would they have done differently if Jesus were right there? The thing is that Jesus is always with us. He sees everything, and he is there to encourage us through everything.

How should we treat our school work? How should we treat people in need? How should we treat our homes, when our parents ask for our help?

We need to always remember that Jesus wants all of us: our hearts, souls and minds. We don’t have to do everything perfectly, because we can’t. But we should live our lives like our rewards in heaven matter. After all, we will have them for eternity, and our time on earth is not long at all in comparison.

Let’s thing of things together that we can improve on this year”¦things where we feel we should be giving Jesus a better effort. Let them discuss.



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