While supporting charities around the world has always been a big part of American culture, these days it is even bigger. Nearly every family knows a friend or has a relative who has been deployed in the military.  Here is a service project you can use to get your class involved with helping our troops.

Service Project: Supporting the Military

Corresponding with our men and women in uniform may be at the top of a lot of people’s lists for a service project.  But it can be challenging if you don’t have a personal contact.

By surfing online for “military penpals,” you can find dozens of web sites offering ways to accomplish this. However, due to many layers of security, privacy protection, and paperwork issues, it is challenging.

The web site, www.AnySoldier.com, was started by one family to promote correspondence with our troops, especially those without families sending mail. This service project has achieved a 5-star rating from Independent Charities of America. On the website, there is a section for “teachers,” but it is suggested you have students read the entire web site to familiarize themselves with some of the complications and parameters.

If your students are not old enough to read the site or to understand multi-layered instructions for corresponding with troops, the best way to support a serviceman
might be through a member of your church who has a relative in service. You might want to support that relative with mail and packages, and the family will
definitely know how to do that.

In most instructions for correspondence with members of the armed services, it clearly states that food items such as homemade cookies are not allowed and that care packages must meet certain parameters. The best way to find out about these parameters appears to be by contacting the service bases near you.


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