• Ball of play dough (Use play dough instead of clay because it is more porous and will flex more.)
  • A dozen children’s hardback books, about the same size and shape of a Dr. Seuss book
  • Marker
  • Cutting knife
  • Bible
  • One other big, heavy book


1. Roll the play dough into a ball. Make a smiley face on it with a marker. Draw mom hair and eyelashes on the face, etc.

2. Use the knife to cut the top of Mom’s head flat as well as the bottom so the books don’t roll off.

3. Stack the books beside you from lightest to heaviest. The Bible should be second from the bottom, and the heaviest book should be at the bottom.


Today is Mother’s Day. Let’s talk about moms for a little bit.

Put your smiling play-dough head down on the table.

Why do moms need good kids?

Let them answer.

In the Ten Commandments, God specifically says to honor your father and your mother. Why should parents get honor? They must have wanted kids and must have known what they were getting into, right?

Let’s watch what happens when we don’t honor mom.

Place a children’s book on her head for each thing you say:

1. She makes us food; we forget to say “thank you.”

2. She drives us everywhere; we rush out of the car and forget to say “goodbye,” let alone “thank you.”

3. She reminds us to do our homework so we don’t get bad grades. We don’t want to do the homework, so all she gets is a dirty look.

4. She cleans our room. We shrug it off like it got cleaned on its own.

5. She cleans the toilets. We think they cleaned themselves.

6. She asks for help with the dishes after dinner. We think that’s an imposition. We roll our eyes.

7. She walks the dog. We’re just glad she didn’t ask us.

8. We have clean clothes in our drawers. If she doesn’t ask us to help her fold, we think they got there on their own.

9. She vacuums. We complain that we can’t hear the TV while she’s doing it.

10. Our goldfish dies. She designs the little casket and funeral. We’re too upset about the loss of our friend to notice she is doing all she can to make us feel better.

11. And then… on Sunday, she takes us to church. She remembers that God also has expectations. She’s supposed to do all this thankless stuff without yelling.

This time, stick the Bible on the top of the stack. Kids should notice that her head is becoming misshapen.

And here comes Dad. Some days, Dad is really helpful. Other days, he’s either got too much to do or he needs a break.

Put the other big heavy book on Mom’s head.

Do we wonder why our moms sometimes get bent out of shape? What are some things we can do to help our moms instead of just assuming they are made of steel?

Each time a student states something they can do to help Mom, take one of the books off.

God made moms special. He made them to take the extra load. But that doesn’t mean they don’t run out of steam or feel unappreciated sometimes.

God helps moms. He not only gives them extra strength, but he gives them encouragement, love, healing, and understanding.

Reshape Mom’s head so she looks like herself again.

But sometimes he uses us to do that. If we are forgetting to be grateful for mom… If we are forgetting to help her… If all she ever gets is rolling eyes and no compliments… she can get very deflated!

Let’s spend some time today to think of how we can be more helpful to Mom and more grateful for her. Let’s start right now!