Communities vary greatly, and hence, so do the services needed. Sometimes an attitude of giving comes more readily if students are serving one of their peers. And kids don’t have to know a child personally in order to reach out. By watching the newspaper, you will often see children with dire needs.  Children’s church lessons explore ways that your students can offer a helping hand.

Children’s Church Lessons Series: How Children Can Help Peers in Time of Tragedy

You can connect with the family through a phone call or email to the media source. Newspapers will not give out any addresses that don’t appear in the story. However, you can ask the editor of the department where the story originated: “If we drop off {x,y,z} for this child, will you forward it on to him?”  The answer will usually be yes.

Here are some news items to be on the lookout for:
– Victims of house fires, tornadoes or floods. Help collect toys and clothes.
– Children injured in an accident. Send homemade get well cards.
– Children who lost a parent, sibling, or friend in an accident.

Send homemade sympathy cards. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but when people are overwhelmed they need thoughtful gestures the most. One line with a picture from each child can have great meaning, or one sympathy card signed by an entire class ought to work fine.

Many web sites are available explaining what to say in a sympathy line, including this list from, “Sympathy Cards–What do I say?”
o You and your family are in our prayers.
o We ask God to send his blessings on your during this difficult time.
o Our prayers and blessing surround you with peace.
o You and your family are in my thoughts.
o With deepest sympathy.
o Our hearts go out to you in this time of sorrow and loss.
o We are thinking of you.
o We were very sorry to hear about the passing of (name of deceased).


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